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Cautionary Language

The information appearing on OPI’s website includes statements which constitute forward looking statements. These forward looking statements are based upon OPI’s present intents, beliefs or expectations, but forward looking statements are not guaranteed to occur and may not occur. OPI’s actual results may differ materially from those contained in OPI’s forward looking statements. The information contained in OPI’s filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission, including under “Risk Factors" and “Warnings Concerning Forward Looking Statements” in OPI’s periodic reports and other filings, identifies important factors that could cause OPI’s actual results to differ materially from those stated in OPI’s forward looking statements. OPI’s filings with the SEC are available on the SEC’s website at (opens in new window) and are also accessible on OPI’s website at the following link: SEC Filings. You should not place undue reliance upon forward looking statements.

The documents provided in this archived section are provided for historical purposes only. The information contained in each document is accurate only as of the date each document was originally issued or such earlier date stated in those documents. OPI does not undertake any obligation to update any information contained in these documents. For current information about the company, please refer to our most recent public SEC Filings.

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Office Properties Income Trust (Nasdaq: OPI) is a national REIT focused on owning and leasing office properties to high credit quality tenants in markets throughout the United States.

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(1)As of March 31, 2024, tenants contributing 53.5% of OPI's annualized rental income were investment grade rated (or their payment obligations to us were guaranteed by an investment grade rated parent) and tenants contributing an additional 8.1% of OPI’s annualized rental income were subsidiaries of an investment grade rated parent (although these parent entities are not liable for our rents). Includes: a) investment grade rated tenants; b) tenants with an investment grade rated parent entity that guarantees lease obligations; and/or c) tenants with an investment grade rated parent entity that does not guaranty the tenant's lease obligations.